Becoming a mentor for young entrepreneurs offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of innovation and business leadership. By sharing your experience, knowledge, and insights, you have the power to inspire and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs through their journey of discovery and growth.

Moreover, being a mentor provides immense personal and professional rewards. It allows you to reflect on your own journey, refine your leadership skills, and stay connected with the latest trends and innovative ideas within the industry. You’ll engage with enthusiastic and driven individuals, which can reignite your passion and creativity, offering a fresh perspective on your own work. This exchange of knowledge and experience is mutually beneficial, fostering a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in seeing your mentees achieve their goals.


We pride ourselves on the vast experience we have within The Kent Foundation across all our mentors. This helps us make sure we match our mentees with the mentor that will give them the best help. 

We don’t have specific requirements such as “10 years in business”. We care more about your passion and that you have a good enough understanding of business to be able to help a young entrepreneur who’s completely new to the business scene.

If in doubt, get in contact and we can have a chat.


The volunteer mentors of The Kent Foundation are at the heart of what we do. That’s why we make sure to support our mentors through every relationship they have.

Every mentor is required to go through a training day to make sure their mentorship style is inline with what’s expected from The Kent Foundation. 

Our team will support you if there’s anything you need.

We continue to host events specifically for the mentors to keep them trained and in constant communication with The Kent Foundation.

The Process

How do you become a mentor with The Kent Foundation?



Step one is simply filling in application form that you can find below. That will be given to a member of the team to assess if you'd be a good fit for The Kent Foundation.



If you're suitable to be a mentor for The Kent Foundation you will be invited to an interview. This will just be a 30 minute chat with a member of the team to learn more about you.



If you are accepted, you will be scheduled into one of our regular training days to make sure you understand the process of mentoring


Don’t just take our word for it, here is some feedback from our mentors from latest survey.

“The Kent Foundation have been an incredible support to us thank you very much.
We truly appreciate the opportunity to have a great mentor to guide and
encourage us and to feel so supported by The Kent Foundation and the Kent
Foundation community as a whole. Meeting face to face for a Christmas drink in Maidstone was lovely!”

“To have someone to chat too, to bounce ideas off has been great. A is fantastic
and always calm, thinks about his answers and genuinely cares! Our great mentor R, keeps us focussed, advises us and supports us.”


The relationship between the mentor and mentee is determined by both the need of the mentee and the availability of the mentor. At a minimum we’d expect you to give 1 hour a month to support the mentee, but if you’re able to give more that’s great! 

Some of our mentors will chat with their mentee every week for 15 minutes whereas some only meet quarterly for a big 4 hour session. All this to say, it can be flexible.

This completely depends on how busy our member onboarding is. We aim to get you a mentee within 2 weeks of you completing the training but it could be as soon as the day after the training or longer than 2 weeks depending on the waiting list.

That’s great! There are lot’s of amazing organisations out there offering mentor training. We would still expect you to go through The Kent Foundation’s training even if you’ve had training elsewhere in the past. 

Our training not only helps you learn more about how to mentor but also about how The Kent Foundation works meaning it’s very important for every mentor to go through the training to make sure you’re reporting back to us correctly.

Definitely! Our mentors often get involved with the other events we host such as masterminds and masterclasses. Any help you can offer to the young entrepreneurs we support is amazing.

The role of a mentor for The Kent Foundation is 100% voluntary, meaning you wouldn’t get paid in cash. But you will find that you do get paid in personal and professional rewards by giving back to the next generation!